NFN Tengo on patrol

The Vigilant class nuclear strategic cruise missile submarine (SSGN) are a class of submarine originally designed as part of the joint FTO nuclear program, and further developed and sold by the NFT to several nations. As far as SSGNs go it is relatively small and affordable and as of 2017 twenty submarines of the class have been built or ordered, making it the most proliferate class of strategic submarine not developed by a large alliance (either CATO or MESS). The ship serves with the navies of the Sovereign Duchy of Baerne, the Republic of Indhopal, the North Frequesuan Trust and soon that of the Old Continent nation of Cialan.

General characteristics Edit

Type: cruise missile submarine
Displacement: 13,006 tons (surfaced) / 14,750 tons (submerged)
Length: 142 m
Beam: 12.50 m
Propulsion: Pressurized water S15 nuclear reactor (150MW), turboreductor system, pump-jet, 2 diesel-alternator auxiliaries
Speed: 25+ knots
Test depth: 400+ m

Electronics Edit

  • S-2 Integrated Sonar System
  • Tactical Operations System
  • Very low-frequency towed array sonar
  • ARUR-13 electronic warfare and decoy suite

Armament Edit

56 Mk 51 VLS tubes
4 x 533 mm torpedo tubes

Warden incident Edit

In december of 2012 the Vigilant class submarine CNS Warden crashed into a Shroomanian submarine well inside Shroomanian territorial waters, sparking a major diplomatic incident between Coilerburg, the sub's owner and operator, and the Sovereignty of Shroomania. The Warden, armed with a not-insignificant number of nuclear cruise missiles, was impounded by the Shroomanian navy and Coilerburg came under intense international pressure to explain the presence of one of its strategic weapons platforms in the territorial waters of a sovereign nation half the world away. Within the nation of Coilerburg, whose population was already disillusioned with the rapid changes of government and military adventurism of the last decade, the incident caused the fall of President Oliver Farve and provided the impetus for the parliament to petition for Incorporation, leading to the creation of the North Frequesuan Trust.

The CNS Warden was eventually released into NFT custody by Shroomania and was, after extensive repairs, recommissioned under another name in the North Frequesuan Navy. She now carries the name NFN Rotherburgh, after the capital of Coilerburg.