The Uniformed Services of Wilkonian represent those branches of the national government which grant commissions from the Crown for officers serving therein.

Uniformed servicesEdit

The seven uniformed services are:

  1. Wilkonian Imperial Navy
  2. Wilkonian Imperial Marine Corps
  3. Imperial Wilkonian Army
  4. Wilkonian Air Service
  5. Royal Armed Forces
  6. Wilkonian Coast Guard
  7. Civil and Air Defense Corp
  8. Wilkonian Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

Armed ForcesEdit

Five of the uniformed services make up the armed forces, four of which are within the Ministry of Defense. The Royal Armed Forces report directly to the Sovreign and thus do not fall under MoD purview. However by both tradition and Imperial Law they are unifomred and commissioned as part of the combatant forces of the nation. It is therefore the only branch of the military not under the control of the Ministry of Defense

Department of InteriorEdit

The department includes two branches which commission officers into service of the nation. They are the Department of Homeland Secuirty and the Public Health service. The former includes the Wilkonian Coast Guard and the Civil and Air Defense Corp along with various other agencies such as Customes Enforcement and Border Patrol. The Pubic Health Service is principally concerned with administering the national health system. However, The commissioned corps of the Public Health Service operate under military rules with the exception of the applicability of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to which they are subject when militarized by executive order or while detailed to any component of the armed forces.