Silver Dollar

NFN Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar is a helicopter cruiser of the North Frequesuan Navy. Launched in 2010, the ship is actually a civilian freighter originally converted for use as a helicopter cruiser around the shores of Frequesue, but now stationed full-time at Paradise Island in northern Velaria. In peace time she deploys her helicopters to assists units of the Foreign Legion stationed at Paradise Island; however, in case of emergency or crisis she was designed to become a fully capable helicopter cruiser to be used in an ASW role. That idea is now dropped because she lacks the capabilities of a truly purpose-built warship required in the modern age, and because the NFN has since launched the Millennium class amphibious assault carriers which can be used in that role instead.

Silver Dollar is a regularly seen presence around the shores of Northern Velaria, the first ship the NFN will send if it deems it neccesary to show the flag in that theater. She makes regular trips to the Cascadian naval base at Von Halstoff.

General characteristics Edit

Type: helicopter cruiser

Displacement: 11,000 tons (standard) / 13,235 (loaded)

Length: 186 m

Beam: 24 m

Propulsion: Four 10,000 horsepower (7.5 MW) power plants with automatic heating, 29 420 kW

Range: 7,000 nautical miles at 18 knots

Speed: 28 knots

Armament Edit

2x Oto Melara 127 mm/54 dual-purpose gun

2x4 Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile

2x Goalkeeper CIWS gun

4x RA 321 Super Buffalo heavy transport helicopter (8 in wartime) OR 8x RA-790 Cheetah medium multi-purpose helicopter (12 in wartime)