Shinra Republic Navy
SR Navy
Active 1500s - Present
Country Shinra Republic
Branch Navy
Type Navy
Part of Department of Defense
Department of the Navy
Headquarters Midgar
Engagements One Week War
Sirnoth War
Decorations Streamer PUC SR
Presidential Unit Citation
Streamer DUC SR
Distinguished Unit Citation
Chief of Naval Operations ADM William Robinson
Vice Chief of Naval Operations ADM Brooke Masterson
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON James MacMillian

The Shinra Republic Navy is tasked with controlling the Shinra Republic's sea lines of communication, and other missions as ordered by the Executive.


The Navy has two principle types of standing formations: the Battlegroup (BG) and Mine Warfare Group (MWG). Ships not formally assigned to a BG or MWG are assigned to various squadrons and divisions, and typically act as escorts to the larger groups, or serve as independent formations.

Battlegroup (BG)Edit

The Battlegroup can be divided into a Carrier Element (which retains the BG designation) and an Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) centered around the LHD, LPD, and LSD. Escorts would be divided between the two elements as circumstances dictate.


  • 1 CVN
  • 1 LHD/LHA
  • 1 LSD
  • 1 LPD

Typically, a Battlegroup will have assigned to it a Cruiser Destroyer Squadron (CRUDESRON), a Replenishment Squadron (REPRON) and a detachment from a Submarine Squadron (SUBRON).

Mine Warfare Group (MWG)Edit

The Mine Warfare Group would generally be deployed to support major mineclearing operations. For smaller operations, detachments of MCMs and/or the MCC can be created as circumstances dictate.


  • 1 MCC
  • 6 MCM

Cruiser Destroyer Squadron (CRUDESRON)Edit

A Cruiser Destroyer Squadron is typically used as the primary escort force for a Battlegroup. When not assigned to a BG, they also undertake independent patrols. CRUDESRONs 1-5 are generally assigned to a Battlegroup of the same number (ie: CRUDESRON-5 is normally assigned to BG-5), while CRUDESRONs 7-10 are generally assigned to either the Atlantic or Pacific theaters. CRUDESRON-6 contains those ships undergoing an extended yard period.

Composition (CRUDESRONs 1-5; 7-10)

  • 2 CGN
  • 4 DDG/DDGN

Cruiser Destroyer Squadrons Eleven, Tweleve and Thirteen are composed differently and have seperate missions. CRUDESRON-11 is the unit assigned to Fleet Activities - Syl in the Commonwealth of the Vineyards. CRUDESRON-12 is assigned to the patrol of home waters in support of homeland defense. CRUDESRON-13 contains those ships undergoing an extended yard period.

Composition (CRUDESRONs 11-12)

  • 1 CGN
  • 2 DDG/DDGN
  • 4 FFH

Replenishment Squadron (REPRON)Edit

A Replenishment Squadron (REPRON) is composed of underway replenishment (UNREP) ships to enable force projection across extended distances and increase the on station capability of fleet units. These ships are typically escorted by a small frigate force. There are tweleve REPRONs in the Navy, supporting the deployed Battlegroups and other forces afloat. REPRON-6 and REPRON-12 contains those ships undergoing an extended yard period.


  • 1 AOE (REPRONs 1-6)
or 1 AKE and 1 AO (REPRONs 7-12)
  • 3 FFG

Submarine Squadron (SUBRON)Edit

A Submarine Squadron (SUBRON) provides detachments of submarines to support Battlegroup operations, as well as tasks submarines for independent patrols. A typical SUBRON Detachment assigned to a Battlegroup is two SSNs, though this could increase or decrease depending on mission requirements. SUBRON-6 contains those boats undergoing an extended yard period.


  • 6 SSN

Frigate Division (FRIGDIV)Edit

A Frigate Division (FRIGDIV) is a small unit of frigates, typically assigned to patrol around the territorial waters of the Republic, supporting the homeland defense role. FRIGDIV 3 contains those ships undergoing an extended yard period.

Composition (FRIGDIVs 1-2)

  • 5 FFH


Ship Type & Class Construction Status Service Status
(Scheduled to be built)
(Hulls under construction)
(Completed hulls)
(In commission & active service)
CVN - Nimitz 6
CVN - Liberty 1 2 2
CVN - Zeus 5 5
LHA - Implacable 5 1
LHD - Neptune 6 6
LPD - Hyperion 6 6
LSD - Hemera 6 6
CGN - Allegiance 15 2 13 13
CGN - Athena 12 2 10
DDGN - Imperator 23 4 23 23
DDG - Argo 45 22 23
FFG - Victory 35 4 21 21
FFG - Fortuna 30 8 22
FFH - Gorgon 30 14 16
AOE - Ceres 6 6
AKE - Gaia 6 6
AO - Helios 6 6
MCC - Tyche 6 6
MCM - Apollo 36 36
SSN - Orcus 8 2 26 26
SSN - Pluto 10 10

Naval AviationEdit

Naval Aviation supports the fleet's mission through supplying the carrier air wings, ship-based helicopter detachments, and other shore units.

Types of AircraftEdit

The following types of aircraft are in use with the SR Navy:

Aircraft Role Notes (if any)
Fixed Wing Aircraft
F-26A Stealth Multirole N/A
F/A-35A Stealth Multirole N/A
S-3C/KS-3C Anti-submarine/Patrol/Refueling To be replaced by SC-46C/KC-46A
EA-18G Electronic Warfare N/A
ES-3C Electronic Intelligence To be replaced by EC-46D
E-2D Airborne Early Warning and Control To be replaced by EC-46B
P-3C Martime Patrol N/A
C-2B Carrier onboard delivery To be replaced by C-46A
Rotary Wing Aircraft
MH-60R Multirole N/A
MH-60S VERTREP/Cargo & Troop Transport/MEDEVAC N/A

Types of SquadronsEdit

The following types of aircraft squadrons are fielded by the SR Navy:

Squadron Designation Type of Aircraft # Aircraft
Fixed Wing Squadrons
Fighter Squadron (VF) F-26A 12
Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) F/A-35A 12
Sea Control Squadron (VS) S-3C/KS-3C 8/4
Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) EA-18G 4
Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron (VQ) ES-3C 4
Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) E-2D 4
Patrol Squadron (VP) P-3C 12
Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) C-2B 14
Rotary Wing Squadrons
Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) MH-60R 15
Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) MH-60S 15

Carrier Air Wing (CVW)Edit

The Carrier Air Wing provides the primary striking power of an aircraft carrier. The nominal configuration of a CVW is the following:

  • 2x Fighter Squadrons
  • 2x Strike Fighter Squadrons
  • 1x Sea Control Squadron
  • 1x Electronic Attack Squadron
  • 1x Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron
  • 1x Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron
  • 1x Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron
    • detachments based on CVN and escorts
  • 1x Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron
    • detachments based on CVN and UNREP ships
  • 1x detachment from a Fleet Logistics Support Squadron
    • shore-based support