Shinra Republic Army
SR Army
Active 1500s - Present
Country Shinra Republic
Branch Army
Type Army
Part of Department of Defense
Department of the Army
Headquarters Midgar
Engagements One Week War
Decorations Streamer PUC SR
Presidential Unit Citation
Streamer DUC SR
Distinguished Unit Citation
Chief of Staff GEN Russell Benson
Vice Chief of Staff GEN Andrew Bellmon
Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Miguel Lopez

The Shinra Republic Army is the branch of the Armed Forces concerned with land warfare. The Army's mission is to defend the homeland of the Shinra Republic, and to fight and win land wars at the direction of the Executive.


First Army is deployed primarily within the interior of the Republic. Second Army is the main forward-deployed element of the land forces, and is based overseas. Third Army is a primarily reserve element, to be brought to full strength in times of War or National Emergency, or as otherwise directed by the Executive.

First Army Second Army Third Army
I Corps II Corps XI Corps
  • 1st Armored Division (1 AD)

  • 2nd Infantry Division (2 ID)

  • 5th Armored Division (5 AD)

  • 1st Infantry Division (1 ID)

  • 2nd Armored Division (2 AD)

  • 6th Armored Division (6 AD)

  • 8th Armored Division (8 AD)

  • 10th Infantry Division (10 ID)

  • 16th Infantry Division (16 ID)

III Corps V (Airborne) Corps XII Corps
  • 3rd Armored Division (3 AD)

  • 4th Infantry Division (4 ID)

  • 5th Infantry Division (5 ID)

  • 7th Airborne Division (7 AB)

  • 8th Airborne Division (8 AB)

  • 9th Infantry Division (9 ID)

  • 9th Armored Division (9 AD)

  • 11th Infantry Division (11 ID)

  • 14th Infantry Division (14 ID)

IV Corps X Corps XIII Corps
  • 3rd Infantry Division (3 ID)

  • 4th Armored Division (4 AD)

  • 6th Infantry Division (6 ID)

  • 7th Armored Division (7 AD)

  • 10th Armored Division (10 AD)

  • 13th Infantry Division (13 ID)

  • 11th Armored Division (11 AD)

  • 12th Infantry Division (12 ID)

  • 15th Infantry Division (15 ID)

Types of DivisionsEdit

Airborne Division

4x Airborne Regiments
1x Field Artillery Regiment
2x Aviation Regiments

Armored Division

2x Armored Regiments
1x Cavalry Regiment
1x Artillery Regiment
1x Aviation Regiment

Light Infantry Division

4x Infantry Regiments
1x Field Artillery Regiment
1x Aviation Regiment

Mechanized Infantry Division

3x Mechanized Infantry Regiments
1x Artillery Regiment
1x Aviation Regiment