Shinra Republic Air Force
Active 1938 - Present
Country Shinra Republic
Branch Air Force
Type Air Force
Part of Department of Defense
Department of the Air Force
Headquarters Midgar
Engagements One Week War
Decorations Streamer PUC SR
Presidential Unit Citation
Streamer DUC SR
Distinguished Unit Citation
Chief of Staff GEN ???
Vice Chief of Staff GEN ???
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force CMSgt ???

The Shinra Republic Air Force is tasked with controlling the airspace of the battlefield, in defense of the homeland or in support of overseas missions as ordered by the Executive.


Tactical Air CommandEdit

1st Fighter Wing (1 FW)2nd Fighter Wing (2 FW)
1st Fighter Squadron (1 FS)F-22B2nd Fighter Squadron (2 FS)F-22B
5th Fighter Squadron (5 FS)F-22B7th Fighter Squadron (7 FS)F-22A
8th Fighter Squadron (8 FS)F-22A11th Fighter Squadron (11 FS)F-22A
3rd Fighter Wing (3 FW)4th Fighter Wing (4 FW)
3rd Fighter Squadron (3 FS)F-22B4th Fighter Squadron (4 FS)F-22B
6th Fighter Squadron (6 FS)F-22A9th Fighter Squadron (9 FS)F-22A
10th Fighter Squadron (10 FS)F-22A12th Fighter Squadron (12 FS)F-22A
5th Fighter Wing (5 FW)6th Fighter Wing (6 FW)
13th Strike Fighter Squadron (13 SFS)F-35A16th Strike Fighter Squadron (16 SFS)F-35A
17th Strike Fighter Squadron (17 SFS)F-35A20th Strike Fighter Squadron (20 SFS)F-35A
18th Strike Fighter Squadron (18 SFS)F-35A24th Strike Fighter Squadron (24 SFS)F-35A
7th Fighter Wing (7 FW)8th Fighter Wing (8 FW)
15th Strike Fighter Squadron (7 SFS)F-35A14th Strike Fighter Squadron (14 SFS)F-35A
21st Strike Fighter Squadron (21 SFS)F-35A19th Strike Fighter Squadron (19 SFS)F-35A
23rd Strike Fighter Squadron (23 SFS)F-35A22nd Strike Fighter Squadron (22 SFS)F-35A
9th Fighter Wing (9 FW)10th Fighter Wing (10 FW)
25th Tactical Fighter Squadron (25 TFS)A-10C26th Tactical Fighter Squadron (26 TFS)A-10C
28th Tactical Fighter Squadron (28 TAS)A-10C29th Tactical Fighter Squadron (29 TFS)A-10C
31st Tactical Fighter Squadron (31 TFS)A-10C33rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (33 TFS)A-10C
11th Fighter Wing (11 FW)12th Fighter Wing (12 FW)
27th Tactical Fighter Squadron (27 TFS)A-10C30th Tactical Fighter Squadron (30 TFS)A-10C
32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron (32 TFS)A-10C34th Tactical Fighter Squadron (34 TFS)A-10C
35th Tactical Fighter Squadron (35 TFS)A-10C36th Tactical Fighter Squadron (36 TFS)A-10C

Strategic Air CommandEdit

1st Bombardment Wing (1 BW)2nd Bombardment Wing (2 BW)
1st Bombardment Squadron (1 BS)B-1C 9th Bombardment Squadron (9 BS)B-1C
2nd Bombardment Squadron (2 BS)B-1C 10th Bombardment Squadron (10 BS)B-1C
3rd Bombardment Squadron (3 BS)B-1C 12th Bombardment Squadron (12 BS)B-1C
3rd Bombardment Wing (3 BW)4th Bombardment Wing (4 BW)
7th Bombardment Squadron (7 BS)B-1C 4th Bombardment Squadron (4 BS)B-4A
8th Bombardment Squadron (8 BS)B-1C 5th Bombardment Squadron (5 BS)B-2A
11th Bombardment Squadron (11 BS)B-1C 6th Bombardment Squadron (6 BS)B-2A

Air Mobility CommandEdit

1st Air Control Wing (1 ACW)2nd Air Control Wing (2 ACW)
1st Airborne Air Control Sqdn (1 AACS)EC-45A3rd Airborne Air Control Sqdn (3 AACS)EC-45A
2nd Airborne Air Control Sqdn (2 AACS)EC-45A4th Airborne Air Control Sqdn (4 AACS)EC-45A
3rd Air Control Wing (3 ACW)5th Air Control Wing (1 ACW)
5th Airborne Air Control Sqdn (5 AACS)EC-42C9th Airborne Air Control Sqdn (9 AACS)EC-42C
6th Airborne Air Control Sqdn (6 AACS)EC-42C 10th Airborne Air Control Sqdn (10 AACS)EC-42C
1st Air Refueling Wing (1 ARW)2nd Air Refueling Wing (2 ARW)
1st Air Refueling Squadron (1 ARS)KC-45A3rd Air Refueling Squadron (3 ARS)KC-45A
2nd Air Refueling Squadron (2 ARS)KC-45A4th Air Refueling Squadron (4 ARS)KC-45A
3rd Air Refueling Wing (3 ARW)4th Air Refueling Wing (5 ARW)
5th Air Refueling Squadron (5 ARS)KC-42A7th Air Refueling Squadron (7 ARS)KC-42A
6th Air Refueling Squadron (6 ARS)KC-42A8th Air Refueling Squadron (8 ARS)KC-42A
5th Air Refueling Wing (5 ARW)8th Air Refueling Wing (8 ARW)
9th Air Refueling Squadron (9 ARS)KC-42A15th Air Refueling Squadron (15 ARS)KC-42A
10th Air Refueling Squadron (10 ARS)KC-42A 16th Air Refueling Squadron (16 ARS)KC-42A