The Shinra Republic
Official language(s) Common
Demonym Shinra
Membership MESS
Government Democratic Dictatorship
 -  President Rufus Shinra
GDP (PPP) 2008 estimate
 -  Total $5 trillion 
Currency Regulatory OmniBank Credit

The Shinra Republic is the nation controlled by RogueIce in the SDN World STGOD.


The government of the Shinra Republic is lead by the President, with the assistance of a national Senate. Originally known as the Kingdom of Shinra, the government was later reformed into a republican system with an elected President. However in 1980, due to widespread dissatisfaction with government corruption and waste, a popular vote was had to reinstall the old monarchy in place, with Vincent Shinra at its head.

Vincent Shinra instead compromised, and while the office of the President holds absolute power and can veto any bill from the Senate, the Senate still exists and has the power to make laws. However, an Executive Order has the force of law and trumps any bill made by the Senate. Thus the Shinra Republic is more of a dictatorship than a republic, with some elements of democracy preserved. The term "Democratic Dictatorship" was coined to describe this unusual setup.

The current President of the Shinra Republic (POTSR) is Rufus Shinra.


The Shinra Republic generally attempts to pursue conflicts through diplomatic means, and is usually viewed as one of the more 'diplomatic' members of the MESS alliance. However, the Republic is not above the use of force when it is deemed necessary.


The Mutual Economic, Science and Security Alliance (MESS Alliance)



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The military of the Shinra Republic is under the command of the President, who serves as Commander-in-Chief, and is administered by the Department of Defense. The President also appoints its leaders, such as the Secretary of Defense and the Join Chiefs of Staff. Operational command is delegated down to the Unified Commands, each responsible for a geographic area or with global responsibility for special missions (such as Special Operations and Space). The military is composed of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the National Guard.