The navy has announced that it will procure over 7-10 years 28 (or more) destroyers belonging to two classes dubbed, the Praetor class DDGN. They are based on an extremely lengthened and broadened KDX-III hull, while employing many new stealth technologies, such as the Advanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor (AEM/S) System. These battlecruisers are well-armed to provide fleet defence against a wide range of threats. It also employs the SURTASS II-M system which is a smaller version of the SURTASS II system.

The Praetor class DDGNs are among the largest of cruisers that utilize the S-500F battle management system and uses a state of the art torpedo defence system that uses a towed decoy to simulate the ship's acoustic characteristics, and also a combination of an evolved RBS-12000 mortar type firing decoys and hard kill torpedo rockets, counter torpedoes (supercavitating Skhval type) and supercavitating bullets.
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Artist's Impression of Praetor Class DDGN. Refer to specifications for full details.



  • APAR-1 radar system, which comprises of the 3 APAR-MFR-1 X-Band Radar, and the 3 APAR-VSR-1 S-Band Radar
  • 2 APAR-VSR L-band radar mounted back to back on the mast and rotated
  • Sonar: (Similar as that of the DDG-1000 System)
    • HF and MF Sonar Array (Conformal arrays and bow array)
    • SURTASS II-M Multifunction Towed Sonar Array/Ultra Low Frequency Active Sonar Array
    • Integrated Undersea Warfare system for mine avoidance and submarine warfare, and anti-torpedo system
  • Electro-Optical/Infrared System
  • S-500F combat system
  • Integrated Torpedo defence system
  • UAV control stations
  • Nulka ship decoy system


  • 72 cell VLS system capable of firing S-500-C and the S-500-D/E missiles, and various cruise missiles such as Kh-101 and large cruise missiles. VLS system is modular and typical cell square ~1.2m to allow for some expansion and allow up to 8 S-500-C to be hot packed into one cell, or 3 S-500-D/E missiles (future, 4)
  • 6 533mm torpedo tubes
  • 4 Gun/Missile Byzantine Heavy Industries dual 30mm ETC gun with 16 RAM missiles
  • 2 120KW Fiber Laser
  • 2 120KW FEL Laser
  • 1 double 152mm ETC water-cooled gun mount
  • Surface Ship Torpedo Defence for hard and soft kill torpedo defence using decoys and counter torpedoes (utilizing the 533mm tubes)
  • Nulka ship decoy system

Power and HullEdit

  • Propulsion: Nuclear with electric drive (2 Nuclear reactors delivering ~200,000 hp for up to 35 knots. Approximately similar to the Kirov's reactor power output)
  • Backup power: 2 turbines delivering ~30MWt each (to allow at least 10 knots speed)
  • Hanger and landing pad for 2 helicopters and launching UAVs.
  • standard displacement estimated ~ 16,000 tonnes
  • total displacement estimated ~ 19,000 tonnes
  • Cost estimated ~ 2-3 billion