The Mutual Economic, Science and Security (MESS) Alliance is a collection of nation-states that fought together in common cause during the Second War of the World. The MESS Alliance was a collection of nations from across Novaterra, each nation overseeing different theaters of conflict and sharing resources, providing basing rights, and collecting intelligence on one another's behalf.

At the end of the war the MESS Alliance retained loose ties, but international cooperation and trade continued. Gradually, the MESS added political and economic dimensions to their alliance, with the adoption of a common currency, the ROB (Regulatory Omnibank Credit) and seeking common foreign policy goals.

MESS Treaty AgreementsEdit

While not all MESS Alliance nations adhere to each agreement, there are a number of common agreements among them which tend to be shared to varying degrees. These Agreements include:

  • Intelligence sharing
  • Troop and Naval basing
  • Joint military training exercises
  • Extradition treaties
  • Student exchange programs/waiving fees for foreign students of other MESS nations
  • Joint anti-piracy patrols & jurisdictional agreements
  • Free trade agreements
  • Military equipment compatibility and joint development projects

MESS MembersEdit

MESS Observers ProgramEdit

The MESS Observers Program is an agreement whereby some states can participate in MESS activities and treaty aspects without having to commit fully to MESS expectations for mutual defense, or signing onto the ROB currency. MESS Observers can enjoy training, equipment purchases, foreign basing, and certain levels of intelligence and resource sharing but are not obligated to go to war on behalf of MESS nations.

MESS Observers