A Marine Expeditionary Force is a Marine Air Ground Task Force constructed around a full Marine Division, a Marine Air Wing, and a Force Service Support Group. The Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) is the principal combat organization for the Wilkonian Imperial Marine Corps. Normally commanded by a Lieutenant General, who is required to have held a previous combat arms command, the MEF serves as both the peacetime and wartime organizational reporting mode which means that elements required to form Marine Expeditionary Brigades and Marine Expeditionary Units are assigned from the MEF.

Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Components Edit

Command ElementEdit

  • Headquarters BN
  • Intelligence BN
  • Communications BN
  • Electronic Warfare BN
  • Force Reconnaissance Coy
  • Air-Naval Gunfire Liason Coy (ANGLICO)
  • Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Coy (NBC Coy)

Ground Combat Element (GCE)Edit

  • Marine Division
    • Headquarters BN
    • Three (3) Marine Infantry Regiments
      • Three Infantry BNs
      • Headquarters Coy
    • Artillery Regiment
      • Three Artillery BNs
      • Headquarters Battery
    • Two (2) Tank BNs
    • Two (2) Light Armor BNs
    • Assault Amphibian BN
    • Reconnaissance BN
    • Combat Engineer BN

172 Leopard 2E Tanks
204 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles
226 LAV-XX
104 M777 howitzer

Aviation Combat Element (ACE)Edit

  • Marine Air Wing
    • Headquarters Group
    • MAG (5x VFMA, fighters)
    • MAG (5x VFA, tactical)
    • MAG (3x HMLA 2x HMA, attack helo)
    • MAG (5x HMH, heavy lift helo)
    • MAG (5x HMH, medium lift helo)
    • MAG (Training Wing)
    • Wing Logistics Group
    • Wing Support Group

Logistics Combat Element (LCE)Edit

  • Force Service Support Group
    • Headquarters Company
    • Three (3) Combat Logisitcs Regiment
      • Four (4) Combat Logistics BN
    • Combat Support Regiment
      • Maintenance BN
      • Engineer Support BN
      • Transportation BN
      • Landing Support BN
      • Two (2) Supply BNs
    • Medical Regiment
      • Two (2) Medical BNs
      • Two (2) Dental BNs