A Marine Expeditionary Bridage is a Marine Air Ground Task Force constructed around a reinforced infantry regiment, a composite Marine aircraft group, and a brigade service support group. The Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB), commanded by a general officer (usually a Major General or sometimes a Brigadier General), is task-organized to meet the requirements of a specific situation. It can function as part of a joint task force, as the lead echelon of the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), or alone. It can also include subordinate Marine Expeditionary Units but is most often found as the principal unit of deployment for patrol afloat.

At any given time the Wilkonian Imperial Marine Corps maintains at least two MEBs at sea ready for crisis intervention. While there are exceptions most often one MEB from Atlantic Command and one from Pacific Command will be at sea with the Expeditionary Strike Groups of the Wilkonian Imperial Navy.

Typical Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) Edit

Ground Combat Element (GCE)Edit

  • Marine Infantry Regiment, reinforced
  • 14 Leopard 2E Tanks (1 Tank Coy)
  • 54 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles (1 Amphibious Coy)
  • 54 LAV-XX (2 Light Armor Coy)
  • 30 M777 howitzer (1 Artillery BN)

Aviation Combat Element (ACE)Edit

Logistics Combat Element (LCE)Edit

  • 1 medium girder bridge
  • 6 cranes:
    • 1 30-ton crane
    • 5 7.5-ton cranes
  • 2 600k-gal fuel systems
  • 44 100-kW generators
  • 75 7.5-ton trucks
  • 9 Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit
  • 116 forklifts
  • 5 bulldozers
  • 3 road graders