Langley Navy
Active 1948 - present
Country Duchy of Langley
Branch Navy
Type Navy
Headquarters Ashford City
Motto "Motteke! Sailor Fuku"
("Take It! Sailor Uniform")
March JAM ga Mottetta! Sailor Fuku
Engagements Second Great War
Chief of Naval Operations FADM Murrue Ramius
Aircraft flown
Attack A-7L Corsair II, F-14E Super Tomcat, F/A-18F Super Hornet
F-14E Super Tomcat, EA-18G Growler
Fighter A-7L Corsair II, F-14E Super Tomcat, F/A-18F Super Hornet, Yakovlev Yak-141M
Helicopter MH-53K Sea Dragon, SH-60 Seahawk, MH-65 Dolphin
Interceptor F-14E Super Tomcat, Yakovlev Yak-141M
Patrol E-2D Hawkeye, Embraer P-99, S-3C Viking, ShinMaywa US-2, Tupolev Tu-142BM
Reconnaissance E-2D Hawkeye, Embraer P-99, EP-3E Aries II, ES-3C Shadow
Trainer TA-4L Skyhawk
Transport Antonov KC-22, KS-3C Viking

The Langley Navy is the navy of the Duchy of Langley. It is one of four branches of the Langley Armed Forces, together with the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

Ships of the Langley Navy are designated with the prefix HMS (His/Her Majesty's Ship) in front of their names.

History Edit

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A Reimu Hakurei class frigate (right) steams alongside a UCSR Krivak class frigate

Main article: List of ships of the Langley Navy

At present, the Langley Navy consists of the following ships:

  • 1 aircraft carrier
  • 2 helicopter carriers
  • 1 amphibious assault ship
  • 2 amphibious transport docks
  • 2 battlecruisers
  • 34 frigates [+6 ordered, +6 planned]
  • 27 corvettes
  • 16 submarines
  • 8 mine countermeasures vessels
  • 12 replenishment ships

Naval Aviation Edit

F-14d azusa

F-14E Super Tomcat in Langley Navy colors

The Langley Navy's air arm has historically been an integral part of the service, employing aircraft of various types in support of the surface fleet's actions. From 1968, the Langley Navy operated an aircraft carrier, the HMS Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu, which enabled it to launch carrier strikes against potential enemies; after the retirement of the Kyoko without replacement in 1988, the Langley Navy was without carrier capability until the acquisition of the HMS Asuka Langley Soryu (ex-SNS Jupiter) from the Shinra Republic in 2013.

The vast majority of the Langley Navy's aircraft are either of MESS or Shroomanian origin, with some indigenous designs (P-99, US-2, navalized T-50) currently in service or about to enter service. The US-2 is particularly noteworthy, as it will be the first flying boat to enter service with the Langley Navy since the retirement of the PBY Catalina in 1968. The Langley Navy is also in the process of acquiring domestically-produced AS565 Panthers (designated MH-65 Dolphin) to supplant its existing fleet of SH-60 Seahawks.

Current Inventory Edit

Aerial Assets of the Langley Navy

Aircraft Classification Active Notes
A-7L Corsair II Multi-role strike fighter 60 Licence-produced by Kyoto Aviation
F-14E Super Tomcat Multi-role air superiority fighter 24
F/A-18F Super Hornet Multi-role strike fighter 24 Former Shinra Republic Navy surplus
EA-18G Growler ECM/strike fighter 20
Yakovlev Yak-141M Multi-role air superiority fighter 40 Former USCR Navy surplus
EP-3E Aries II ELINT aircraft 4
Tupolev Tu-142BM Heavy maritime patrol aircraft 16
Embraer P-99 Light maritime patrol/ELINT/C3I aircraft 16
ShinMaywa US-2 Medium maritime patrol/SAR amphibious aircraft 16
E-2D Hawkeye Airborne early warning aircraft 4
S-3C Viking Anti-submarine aircraft 8
ES-3C Shadow ELINT aircraft 4
KS-3C Viking Tanker 4
Antonov KC-22 Tanker/strategic transport 8 Former Shepistani Air Force surplus
TA-4L Skyhawk Trainer 24 Former Langley Air Force
SH-60 Seahawk Multi-role maritime helicopter 156 total
48 SH-60F Seahawk
80 MH-60R Seahawk
28 MH-60S Knighthawk
MH-65 Dolphin Multi-role maritime helicopter TBD
MH-53K Sea Dragon Airborne mine countermeasures helicopter 24

Historic Aircraft Edit

Fa-18f ritsuko

F/A-18F Super Hornet in Langley Navy colors

  • A-1 Skyraider
  • A-6 Intruder
  • CP-140 Aurora
  • F4U Corsair
  • F6F Hellcat
  • F8F Bearcat
  • F9F Panther
  • F-8 Crusader
  • F-9 Cougar
  • Fairey Gannet
  • Kawasaki P-2J
  • Lockheed Ventura
  • P-2 Neptune
  • PB4Y-1 Liberator
  • PB4Y-2 Privateer
  • PBY Catalina
  • S-2 Tracker

Future Aircraft Edit

  • T-50N Sea Eagle (to replace existing TA-4L Skyhawks)

Naval Infantry Edit

Main article: Langley Marine Corps

The Langley Marine Corps is the primary amphibious force of the Langley Armed Forces. It is considered part of the Navy under the civilian leadership structure of the Langley Armed Forces, but it is considered a separate branch under the military leadership structure. Historically a small yet highly professional fighting force, it has been undergoing significant expansion in numbers and capabilities ever since Lelouch Lamperouge first took power in 2007.