SMES Konig Petr, CGN-5

Designed and built by Emmerian Navy engineers during the 1910-2007 Quiet War between Eastchester-controlled Emmeria and Westchester, the Konig Wilhelm class of nuclear guided-missile cruisers are the largest surface combatants not built by the CSR or MESS. They are also, in the eyes of the Royal Emmerian Air Force, an enormous waste of funding that could go to more and better strategic assets.


Displacement: 21,000 tons
Length: 239m
Beam: 24m
Draft: 11m
Speed: 31 knots
Range: Unlimited
Propulsion: 2x C1W nuclear reactor


2x 128-cell Mk 41 VLS w/ SM-2ER Standard SAM/SM-3ER Fullbore Standard LRSAM/BGM-109 TLAM/BGM-109 TASM/VL-Harpoon/VLASROC/ESSM
1x Mk-26 Twin-arm GMLS w/ SM-5 Nike-Standard ASM/SAM/ABM
6x Goalkeeper II MPCIWS
1x twin 8"/55 RF dual purpose turret
6x SH-70 Sea Panther

Ships In KlasseEdit

  • CGN-3 Konig Wilhelm
  • CGN-4 Konig Franze
  • CGN-5 Konig Petr


  • AEGIS Combat System (Redundant SPY-1 and SPG-62 radars)