Frequesue is a continent in the Southeastern Pacific, neighbouring Svalbardia to the east, Messica to the Northeast and the kingdoms of Serenity and Zoria to the North. To the West is the South Velarian Sea.

Map of FrequesqueEdit


Nations Edit

1. ????
2. The Costa De Las Cincos Muertes
3. NFT flag The North Frequesuan Trust & the Tanstaafl Raj
4. Zanzibar The Kingdom of Zanzibar
5. Wineburg Minoy
6. Omago
7. The 2nd Republic of Indhopal
8. The Central Frequesuan Republic
9. The Sultanate of Klavostan
10. TXflag Tian Xia (Tian Jiao province)
11. Miratia Flag The Principality of Miratia
12. The Autonomous Frequesquean Socialist Republic
13. ????
14. CommonWealthFlag The Commonwealth of Vineyards
15. The Sovereign Duchy of Baerne
16. The Northern Jungle (Terra Nullius)

Pronunciation of the Name: "Frequesque" Edit

There are many different spellings of the name "Frequesque", which causes some confusion in media outlets. In nearly all old maps and charts from the early days of exploration, the name of the continent was universally written as Frequesque, named for the explorer Jacques-Bertrand Frequesque, who was largely credited with discovering the continent while on his round-the-world sailing expedition in the mid 1500's.

Over the years, the name has morphed into versions more easily pronounced by various inhabitants of Novaterra based on local linguistic roots and traditions. The most common version today is "Frequesue", where the second 'q' is dropped; another version is almost entirely unique to Canissian pronunciation where an 'n' is inserted, making the name "Frequesne".

Despite the different pronunciations and spellings, the name of the continent tends to follow an obvious and predictable pattern, with the "Freq-" prefix being universally applied in some manner. In this way, confusion is avoided, even if the exact spelling or pronunciation ends up being obscured towards the end of the word.

A common short name for the continent is "F-ing," which refers to a derogatory name for the continent, 'the Goddamn Fucking Continent,' this referring to the Continent's low standard of living and to it's unstable political atmosphere.