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Artist's Impression of the Exarch Class CGN. Refer to Specifications for full details

The navy has announced that it will procure over 7-10 years 16 (or more) cruisers belonging to the Exarch class. They are based on an extremely lengthened and broadened KDX-III hull, while employing many new stealth technologies, such as the Advanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor (AEM/S) System. These battlecruisers are well-armed to provide fleet defence against a wide range of threats.

The Exarch class CGNs are among the largest of cruisers that utilize the S-500F battle management system and uses a state of the art torpedo defence system that uses a towed decoy to simulate the ship's acoustic characteristics, and also a combination of evolved RBS-12000 mortar firing decoys and hard kill torpedo rockets, counter torpedoes (supercavitating Skhval) and supercavitating bullets.

Flight II will see some radical changes to the design. They will incorporate the APAR-ABM-1 X-band radar to provide guidance for the few S-500-G and S-500-H missiles, and the future S-500-I1 and S-500-I2 missiles. Production of Flight II will commence in 2018.



  • APAR-1 radar system, which comprises of the 3 APAR-MFR-1 X-Band Radar, and the 3 APAR-VSR-1 S-Band Radar
  • 2 APAR-VSR L-band radar mounted back to back on the mast and rotated
  • Sonar: (Similar as that of the DDG-1000 System)
    • HF and MF Sonar Array (Conformal arrays and bow array)
    • SURTASS II-M Multifunction Towed Sonar Array/Ultra Low Frequency Active Sonar Array
    • Integrated Undersea Warfare system for mine avoidance and submarine warfare, and anti-torpedo system
  • Electro-Optical/Infrared System
  • S-500F combat system
  • Integrated Torpedo defence system
  • UAV control stations
  • Nulka ship decoy system


  • 128 cell UVLS system capable of firing S-500-C and the S-500-D/E missiles, and various cruise missiles such as Kh-101 and large cruise missiles. VLS system is modular and typical cell square ~1.2m to allow for some expansion. Each cell can accomodate up to 8 S-500-C missiles, or 3 S-500-D/E missiles (future 4)
  • 36 cell UVLS2 fire heavy cruise missiles (Not all ships will use these for heavy cruise missiles)
  • 8 533mm torpedo tubes
  • 8 Gun/Missile Byzantine Heavy Industries dual 30mm ETC gun with 16 RAM missiles
  • 4 120KW Fiber Laser
  • 4 120KW FEL Laser
  • 1 double 155mm ETC water-cooled gun mount
  • Surface Ship Torpedo Defence for hard and soft kill torpedo defence using decoys and counter torpedoes

Power and HullEdit

  • Propulsion: Nuclear with electric drive (3 Nuclear Reactors delivering ~300,000 hp for up to 33 knots, approximately similar to the Kirov's reactor power output)
  • Backup power: 2 turbines delivering ~50MWt each (to allow at least 10 knots speed)
  • Hanger and landing pad for 2 helicopters and launching UAVs.
  • total fully loaded displacement estimated ~ 29,000 tonnes
  • Approximate Length: 260m
  • Approximate Beam: 30m
  • Approximate Draft: 10-12m
  • Cost estimated ~ 3-4 billion