Constitutional Republic Of PeZookiaEdit

General information Edit

A country in central Old Continent, bordering Canissia, UCSR, Cialan and Vulpesia.

Primary religious convictions include: Catholicism (overwhelming majority), Greek Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism. No state religion is mandated or supported, much to the changrin on the local clergy.
Flaga polska

PeZookian national flag

PeZookia is nearly self-sufficient foodwise thanks to large tracts of arable land. It grows the staple crops of temperate climates: corn, wheat, rye, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and various other minor crops. It is especially renowned for its meat, fruit and dairy products.

Main industries include steelworking, chemistry, electronics, shipbuilding, aerospace, railway equipment. PeZookia has a large manufacturing sector, but no branches except steelworking, chemistry and electronics are major competitors on the world market.
The government is a constitutional monarchy, with the monarch holding chief executive power. The

parliament serves as an advisory body, holds the power of the purse, power of impeachment, and approves several constitutionally mandated royal edicts: for example, declaration of a person or organization an enemy of the state requires parliamentary approval, and so do war declarations.

The monarchy is not hereditary, but a pool of candidates is selected from the populace based on a series of meritocratic tests ; The current King's offspring is not barred from participating.

Once a series of suitable candidates are selected, they campaign before the public, and the Parliament approves of the new king-elect.