The Comrade Stanislav-class supercarriers (project 1143.8) are the only supercarriers that rival in size and displacement to the MESS-designed supercarriers, and currently are the most modern carrier design in the world, being designed and built in the early XXI century. They also have the largest flight deck in the world among all existing classes of carriers, and are the longest military ships in the service of any nation in the world.

The carriers had an over 8-year long construction span, fully occupying the largest in the Union Severomorsk 61 Kommunar Shipyard dock. The Comrade Stanislav was launched in 2013 and commissioned in 2015, while it's twin was launched in late 2016 and was commissioned during the 100-year anniversary of the Great October Revolution in 2017.

Characteristics Edit


Comrade Stanislav, lead ship of her class, en route

Displacement: 100,000 tons (standard load)
Length: 350 m
Beam: 96 m
Length: 325 m
Beam: 48 m
Draft: 12 m
Speed: 30+ kn (18 kn - operative)
Range: unlimited
Supply endurance: 45 days
Propulsion: 4 x OK-900 nuclear reactors (600 MWt each)

Armament Edit

4 x 72 S-500F Red Star combat system VLS (S-500D or E missiles)
4 x Palash CIWS/CADS complexes (32 9M337Sosna-R hypersonic CADS missiles)
4 x RBU-12000 Udav-1M counter-torpedo, anti-frogman and mobile minefield system (4 x 60 projectiles)


Typical Peacetime Airwing (2017)Edit

38 x CFN-01 (Su-53) fighter
16 x MiG-SKAT stealth UCAV
4 x Ka-27PL helicopters (ASW)
8 x An-71 AEW&C jet planes

Operators Edit

Flag of the Union State of Russia a Union Navy
  • 020 Comrade Stanislav
  • 021 Yuri Andropovsky