The Committee for Imperial Defense (“CID”)

  • The CID is the principal advisory group to the Sovreign of the Empire of Wilkonia and Baja and all members, though designated by law, serve at the pleasure of the crown.
  • The CID reports directly to the Sovereign. It is composed, by law, of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Procurement, the Minister of Operations, the Commander of Joint Forces Headquarters, the Commandant of the Royal Armed Forces, and the Chair and Vice-chair of the Parliamentary Committees of Defense (representing both the Estates Common and the Estates Noble).
  • The CID is and advisory body only by law, it serves as the principal policy working group to provide the King (or Queen) with opinion and advice regarding any and all matters related to the Armed Forces both in their individual components and as a whole.
  • The CID, with the consent of the King (or Queen) may form subcommittees for any temporary purpose for which specialized advice may be required by the Crown. Membership in such sub-committees is open to the discretion of the CID however a member of the CID will always sit as chair. In practice the head of the CID, as ruled by the Sovereign, is granted blanket authority to undertake such actions without passing each group to the Sovereign for review.
  • Currently there exits a permanent sub-committee on procurement, training, recruitment, and intelligence