The Cheung-class destroyer (aka the DG-51 class) has been the mainstay of the TXN fleet for nearly two decades. It is equipped with the AEGIS combat system. The Cheung-class are among the largest and most powerful destroyers ever built, both larger and more heavily armed than many previous cruisers. (The larger Ticonderoga-class were constructed on Spruance-class hullforms, but are designated as cruisers.) They are equipped for chemical and biological warfare with a air-filtration system.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 10,000 tons (standard load)
Length: 539 feet.
Beam: 59 feet
Draft: 30 feet
Speed: 30+ knots
Range: 7850 nm at 20 knots
Propulsion: 4x LM2500 gas turbine driving 4 generators
2 RACER auxillary steam turbogenerators (COGES)
2 54000 shp electric motors on two shafts

Armament Edit

128 cells Mk 41 VLS
1x Millenium CIWS
1x RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launcher
1x Mk71 8in MCLWG
2x Mk 32 Triple Torpedo Tubes
2x 20mm automatic cannon
2x MH-60R ASW helicopter
WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System

EW & Decoys Edit

  • SLQ-32(V)3 EW system
  • Mk53 SRBOC/NULKA launchers
  • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy

Electronics Edit

  • AEGIS battle management system
    • SPY-1D radar
    • SPQ-9B Surface Search and Track Radar
    • SPS-64(V)9 Surface Search Radar
    • 4x SPG-62 missile directors
  • AN/SQS-53D active sonar
  • AN/SQR-19 TACTAS passive sonar
  • AN/SQQ-28 LAMPS III shipboard system


Ship ListEdit

Tian Xia
Name Number Commissioning Date Status
Cheung DG-51 1995 Active
Yeung DG-53 1995 Active
Tsui DG-54 1996 Converted to DGH-1
Tseun DG-57 1996 Active
Hung DG-58 1997 Active
Sheh DG-59 1997 Active
Chong DG-60 1997 Active
Keung DG-61 1998 Converted to DGH-2
Lai DG-62 1998 Active
Tou DG-63 1998 Active
Lui DG-65 1999 Active
Hau DG-66 1999 Active
Yuen DG-67 2000 Active
Tin DG-69 2000 Active
Ching DG-71 2001 Active
Suen DG-74 2002 Active
Li DG-75 2002 Active
Chiu DG-76 2003 Active
Ng DG-77 2003 Active
Ko DG-79 2004 Active
Tse DG-80 2004 Active
Fung DG-81 2004 Active
Tsang DG-82 2005 Active
Poon DG-83 2005 Active
Tung DG-84 2005 Active
Ting DG-85 2006 Active
Sum DG-86 2006 Active
Fu DG-87 2006 Active
Liu DG-88 2007 Active
Wai DG-89 2007 Active
Hau DG-90 2007 Active
Man DG-91 2008 Active
Sheung DG-92 2008 Active