The Kanissiaaners Edit

Flag of Canissian Colony in Katangwa

Flag of the Canissian Colony in Katangwaland

The Canissian Colony in the Katangwa Free State is a recent settlement made up of about 25,000 Canissians who originally came as civilian contractors, entrepreneurs, and military family members that chose to relocate to Katangwaland to be with their soldier family members. Officially, the Canissian government frowns on this, as a travel advisory is in effect for Canissians going to Katangwaland. The Canissian government has stated that it cannot be responsible for the colonists' safety, but the small port city of Waalvisbai is thriving despite the dangers of living on the Velerian continent.

The "Kanissiaaners", as they call themselves, consider themselves a hardy and determined band and insist on setting up new homes in what may be the most dangerous continent on the planet.


The small city of Waalvisbai is located on the northern coast of Katangwaland. It is above the port city and Katangwan Capitol of Khalid, and below the northern encampment of Camp Dog, where the 5th Airborne originally landed. It is near the Equator, and is growing because of the increased Canissian investment in the Space Elevator project. Basically, Waalvisbai is the community where Canissian civilians who have reason to live and work in Katangwa reside in.

Waalvisbai is growing as a community, with schools, houses of worship, a library, and even its own TV and radio station, which admittedly just re-broadcasts feed from Canissian News Network, WCAN, and other article from the homeland. Talk is underway to sponsor a branch of Keane University at Waalvisbai, and allow students of wildlife and anthropology the opportunity to learn in Katangwaland.


Canissian Colonial Coat of Arms

Canissian Colonial Coat-of-Arms

The Ambassador to Katangwaland is Ambassador Jak Boer, a native of the Gemenon Province. He has served in the Canissian Foreign Ministry for twenty years, and was briefly Chairman of the Board of Directors for Canexxia before resigning his post to serve as Ambassador to Katangwaland. He has previously served as Ambassador to Tian Xia. He is married with two children, who are attending University in Canissia.

The Kanissiaaner colony of Waalvisbai is currently headed by a Mayor-General, an elected civilian official who works out of the Trade Consulate in Waalvisbai. The current Mayor-General is Jenny Kal.

The Waalvisbai city government is made up of the Mayor-General, a Police chief with 12 officers, a city council of eight part-time members, and a small utilities department run by Canexxia. The oil corporation Canexxia is the major economic and civic force in the town, with military families and the construction & science crews coming in third and fourth, respectively.

Canexxia security guards do most of the patrolling in town, since so many facilities are owned by them. There are about 80 security guards in Waalvisbai, all licensed, armed guards. They are not allowed to make actual arrests, but they can 'detain' people for up to one hour while waiting for police to arrive to make official arrests.