BIOCOM, short for the Bioweapons International Oversight Committee, is a multi-national agency headquartered in Wilkonia along the Atlantic seaboard. It is composed of a series of working groups reporting to a central committee comprised of one member for each signatory nation to the Bioweapons Treaty.

The Central Committee Edit

In compliance with articles 4, 8, and 9 of the Bioweapons Treaty the Central Committee comprises the decisions making head of the organizaiton and is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Field Research Branch, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Research and Development Branch. The committee itself does not select nations for observation but rather confirms as a block the recommendation of the Inspector General who heads the Field Research Branch. By agreement during the first meeting no block of nations can number fewer than three in a given round of inspections.

For the most part the members of the committee serve other functions within the diplomatic community as the city of Cancun while serving as a major tourist city is also the summer home to the Royal Court. A published schedule of monthly meetings is adhered to and agreed upon however during crises such as the "Rage" virus outbreak in what was once called San Dorado the committee operates on a continuous basis.

Field Research Branch Edit

This is the designation given to the actual inspection groups comrpised, by early agreement, of representatives from at least four nationalities and never comprising a majority from any given political treaty organization. The head of this branch is the Inspector General chosen by the Central Committee on a bi-annual basis. While no term limits exist as such tradition has made the post a rotating one.

There are, at any given time, approximately seven teams available for response in terms of emergency inspection of declared defensive research facilities which may be in violation. On a normal rotation, about once every two to threee months, the Field Research Branch will send a group of teams out to inspect new sites or re-inspect existing defensive research locations.

Office of Management and Budget Edit

While principally concerned with the financial, legal, and logistical difficulties of deploying the Field Teams in more than a dozen nations with thrice that number of languages the OMB serves one additional function in terms of the overall mission of BIOCOM. This is the Branch charged with forensic accounting, following the money trail when one is found to discover who is funding, and how heavily, any illicit bioweapons research.

Research and Development Branch Edit

This branch, headed by the Chief of Science Division, is responsible for carrying out continuing research on defensive response to all known bioweapn agents. In compliance with article 5 and under the authority of article 8 the agency submits reports to all member naitons quarterly on progress of vaccination research. Likewise the Branch maintains several strategic stockpile warehouses in host nations which contain samples of vaccinaitons developed by member nation's defensive research divisions.