Armed Forces of Wilkonia
Service branches Royal Armed Forces
Wilkonian Imperial Navy
Wilkonian Imperial Marine Corps
Imperial Wilkonian Army
Wilkonian Air Service
Commander-in-Chief HIS King Andreneas Wilkens II
Minister of Defence Rt Hon William Hightower
Commander Joint Forces Headquarters Fleet Admiral Sir Hector Descares Rodrigo
Budget 746 Bn ROB (FY17)
Percent of GDP 10.6%

The Armed Forces of Wilkonia comrpise the active, reserve, and royal components of those forces who by law are authorized to engage in direct combat with enemies of the Crown. This includes both the Royal and the Regular Establishment reporting to the Minister of Defense but does NOT include all of those branches classifed as one of the seven Uniformed Services of Wilkonia. In order of seniority this comprises the Wilkonian Imperial Navy, the Wilkonian Imperial Marine Corps, the Imperial Wilkonian Army and the Wilkonian Air Service. The Royal Armed Forces also fall in to this category however their limited size and scope of mission, being under the personal command of the current Sovreign, mean that on parade they march as a single unit representing all four of the Royal Armed Forces and they do so at both the fore and rear of the parade.

All members of the armed forces are sworn by oath of loyalty to serve the Sovreign and he, or she, is the highest ranking officer of all establishments. The Regular Establishment reports to the Sovreign through the office of the Minister of Defense while the Royal Armed Forces report directly to the Sovreign.

Organization Edit

All authority within the Armed Forces of Wilkonia descends from the Sovreign. By right and by law the Sovereign, currently Andreneas II, is the highest ranking officer and commander in chief of all military forces of the State of Wilkonia and the Court of St Eustice. As such all members of the military swear an oath of service to the crown and agree to obey the orders of the royal personage and all those appointed by the same. Under the Sovreign there are four principal routes of command: The Committe for Imperial Defense, the Joint Combatant Command Headquarters, the Ministry of Defense, and direct command of the Royal Armed Forces.

The Regular Establishment, consisting of the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Air Service, report either through the Joint Headquarters to the Minister of Defense or through the Joint Combatant Command Headquarters directly to the Sovreign. The Royal Armed Forces are headed by their Commandant who reports directly to the Sovreign. In all of this the Committee for Imperial Defense serves as an advisory body uniting the heads of most of the other reporting organizations with the supporting civilian establishment to provide recommendations to the Sovreign however it does not issue orders to subordinate commands.

Personnel Edit

The Armed Forces in total have an active strength of 1,043,947 along with an additional 435,604 personnel in a reserve status principally in the two reserve corps of the Imperial Wilkonian Army.

Marine Corps132,79762,414
Air Service115,60812,086
Royal Armed Forces23,271