The Allegiance-class STAR cruiser is a next generation nuclear powered guided missile heavy cruiser originally brought in to service with the Wilkonian Imperial Navy and now is in service, with some variations, in the navies of most MESS nations. This is the second vessel to emerge from the "New Horizons" program sponsored as a joint MESS development project to produce a complete next generation of weapon systems.

Characteristics Edit

Displacement: 25,170 tons (standard load)
Length: 728 feet
Beam: 91 feet
Draft: 31 feet
Speed: 30+ knots
Range: 25 years between refueling
Propulsion: Three (3) Westwood S4BR Nuclear Reactors

Armament Edit

224x Mk57 VLS cells
6x Millennium II CIWS
2x Laser Area Defense System
2x Mk71 8 in Major Caliber Lightweight Gun
3x MH-60R ASW helicopter
ODN Ronaldus Magnus-class uses 3x AW101 ASW helicopter
4x Mk32 triple 12.75" torpedo tubes
Remote Minehunting System
Std Loadout
112x RIM-170 SM-4ER
24x RIM-168 SM-4ABM
24x RIM-172 SM-4ASM
6x RUM-125 Sea Lance
48x BGM-109 TASM

EW & Decoys Edit

  • AN/SLY-2 ECM suite
  • Mk53 SRBOC/NULKA launchers
  • AN/SLQ-25 Nixie torpedo decoy

Electronics Edit

  • STAR battle management system
  • AN/SPY-3B Block 25
    • AN/SPY-3B X/S Band MFR
    • AN/SPS-67(V)4 Surface Search
    • AN/SPS-64(V)9 Surface Search
  • AN/SQS-53E hull sonar
  • AN/SQR-20 CAPTAS active/passive towed sonar
  • AN/SQQ-89 antisubmarine suite
  • AN/SLY-2 electronic warfare suite
  • AN/SQQ-28 LAMPS III shipboard system

Operators Edit