"Kanissiaaners" is the name given to those Canissian who have chosen to settle in Katangwaland, mostly in the settlement of Waalvisbai. The Kanissiaaners tend to come from the northern provinces of Canissia, such as Picon, Tauron, and Gemenon, and this heritage is reflected in their dialect, referring to themselves as "Kanissiaaners" rather than as "Canissians".

The proportion of Kanissiaaners that have settled there for coporate reasons is high-- almost 2/3rds, according to Ministry of Commerce reports, are part of the Royal-Canexxia-Shell Oil petroleum giant. However, this proportion is rapidly losing ground to a burgeoning number of military families relocating there, which is also providing a labor force for small businesses and chains that have set up in Waalvisbaai for retail sales to the Canexxia workers.

Another growing segment of the 'Kanissiaaners' is the expanding prescence of scientists, engineers, and construction workers taking up residence in the area to begin work on the Space Elevator project. Some workers from Tian Xia have arrived as well, and they, too, are referred to as 'Kanissiaaners' by the native Katangwans.

The township of Waalvisbai is expected to neary double in size within a few years, and is currently one of the fastest growing "Canissian" cities.